Fully Automatic Single Channel Hematology Analyzer

Fully Automatic Single Channel Hematology Analyzer

The company is the chief Fully Automatic Single Channel Hematology Analyzer Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, and Supplier in India. The Fully Automatic Single Channel Hematology Analyzer, offered by us, is known for its advanced features. Our Fully Automatic Single Channel Hematology Analyzer is available at the most competitive prices.

General Technical Specifications
  • Principal : Electrical resistance for conunting and SFT method for hemoglobin
  • Parameters : WBC, Lymph, Mid, Gram, Lymph %, Mid %, Gran %, RBC, HGB, HC, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT MPV, PDW, PCT, WBC Histogram , RBC histogram PLT Histogram P-LCR
  • Working mode : Single counting pathway + Independent HGB detection system
  • Operating mode : Color window interface, figure button, mouse input
  • Interface : 1 Parallel interface, 2 USB interface, 2RS232 interface (with net) 1, VGA interface
  • Carryover : WBC<0.5%, RBC<0.5%, HGB<0.5%, PLT<%
  • Operating Environment
    • Temperature 15 oC ~ C â 30 oC
    • Humidity 10% ~ 85%
  • Printout
    • Thermal recorder printer
    • Optioal external printer
  • Display : Large color LCD display, resolution : 640 % 480 dot
  • Power Requirement : 175 â 265V â 50/60Hz
  • Weight : 20 Kg


Parameters Linearity range Precision
WBC 0.5 - 99. 9X 109L CV < 2.0 %
RBC 0.2 - 9.99 x 1012/L CV < 1.5 %
HGB 1.0 ~ 299.9 g/L CV < 1.5 %
MCV 40 ~ 200.0 fl CV < 0.5 %
PLT 0 ~ 999 x 109/L CV < 4.0 %
  • 23 parameters, with 3 part WBC differential
  • Aperture Diameter 70 um
  • 10 uL sampler volume
  • Memory for 30,000 results including histograms
  • Throughout : 35 samples/hour
  • Automatic dilution when power on/off
  • High voltage cleaning afer each measurement
  • QC mode : X-B, L-J curve, SD, CV

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SB 22 Hematology Analyzer

SB 22 Hematology Analyzer
  • SB 22 Plus is the latest innovative 3 part differential fully automated hematology Analyzer. It could analyze 20 parameters with 3 histogram in both Whole blood (WB) mode and Pre-diluted (PD) mode, the parameter are WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, LYM%, MID%, GRAN%, LYM#, MID#, GRAN#, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PDW, MPV, PCT, P-LCR, Furthermore, the decent test speed, accurate results, friendly software and easy maintenance brings you a best-in-class analyzer.
  • Analysis Principle: Electrical Resistance for Counting and Cyanide free method for HGB.
  • Double chamber operation. Aperture Diameter: RBC,PLT- 70 µm, WBC- 100 µm.
  • Throughput approx. 60 samples/hour
  • Low sample volume: Whole Blood : 9.8 µl, Pre diluted: 20 µl
  • 10.4 inch color touch screen with intuitive graphic icons.
  • Extended Linearity, Enhanced abnormal result flagging.
  • Manual and auto calibration.
  • Comprehensive QC programs including L-J, Auto draw and print QC figures.
  • Huge Data storage of 30,000 test results including histograms, all the patient information.
  • Automatic internal and external probe cleaning after each aspiration.
  • High Voltage burn and high pressure flush for clot clearing.
  • Result output is displayed on the screen and hard copy printout is available.
  • PC connection via RS 232 port, external printer facility via USB.

SB Hema Plus Hemtology Analyzer

SB Hema Plus Hemtology Analyzer
  • Ease of system operation and maintenance - does not requires high skilled personnel.
  • 20 parameters with 3 histograms.
  • Fully automatic sample aspiration, dilution & analysis for 20 parameters.
  • Less testing time of one minute per sample.
  • Unique solution for QC and calibration.
  • Extended linearity and double chamber system for fast sampling.
  • Analysis Principle: Electrical Resistance for Counting and Cyanide free SFT method for HGB.
  • Internal thermal printer prints all analysis data & flags, four different printout formats are available to suit individual requirements.
  • Micro sampling of 10 µl
  • Huge data storage of 30000 results with histogram and patient detail.
  • Large color touch screen LCD displays all the parameters and histograms on the same screen.
  • External ports for keyboard, mouse, printer and computer.

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