Fully Automatic Plus Hematology Analyzer (SB22)

Price : INR 295,000.00 / 1 Piece(s)

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Details :

  • SB 22 Plus is the latest innovative 3 part diffe fully automated hematology Analyzer.
  • Uses Two reagent only
  • Analysis Principle: Electrical Resistance for Counting and Cyanide free method for HGB.
  • Double chamber operation. Aperture Diameter - RBC,PLT- 70 µm, WBC- 100 µm.
  • Throughput approx. 60 samples/hour 
  • Low sample volume: Whole Blood : 9.8 µl, Pre diluted - 20 µl
  • 10.4 inch color touch screen with intuitive graphic icons.
  • Extended Linearity, Enhanced abnormal result flagging.
  • Manual and auto calibration.
  • Comprehensive QC programs including L-J, Auto draw and print QC figures.
  • Huge Data storage of 30,000 test results including histograms, all the patient information. 
  • Automatic internal and external probe cleaning after each aspiration.
  • High Voltage burn and high pressure flush for clot clearing.
  • Result output is displayed on the screen and hard copy printout is available.
  • PC connection via RS 232 port, external printer facility via USB.